Russia celebrates dialoguing with nature for its National Day at Expo

The Russian Federation celebrates its National Day in a pavilion that encompasses the country’s traditions and cultures through the dialogue between architecture and nature.

On 10th June, Expo Milano 2015 celebrates the Russia National Day. The pavilion of the Russian Federation tells the least known aspects of the country and it responds to the exhibition’s theme by showing pure nature, the treasures of its regions and Russian scientists’ and agronomists’ heritage.


The National Day of the world’s largest country opened with a speech by Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The pavilion, made of wood and steel, was designed by architect Sergei Tchoban and it recalls vast farming lands, the steppe, thick forests and the high peaks of the Caucasus and Ural Mountains. Inside the pavilion, the connection with nature is represented through agriculture in an itinerary that let you discover the flavours, products and traditional dishes of a country that underwent economic growth without giving up its culture and relationship with the land.


The performances and shows that took place in front of the Russian Pavilion portray a charming National identity, with cultures and peoples linked to their roots, yet looking to the future. During the day, many artists, worldwide-famous for their connection with religious and folk ancient traditions, performed: the choir, which included monks and seminary students at the Sretenskij Monastery, Cossack dancers and singers of the Stanitsa group and the Lezginka group of Dagestani artists.

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