About Us

About Us

LifeGate was founded in 2000, stemming from the experience of Marco Roveda matured over the course of the 1980s with Fattoria Scaldasole, the first company in Italy to enter the large retail market with an organic product.

Ever since, the goal has been to promote a just and sustainable world, in which circularity is the future: like in friendship and love, taking and giving back are the foundations of relationships between people, businesses and the planet. A world in which sustainable lifestyles concern all aspects of each persons’ daily life, defining every individual’s relationship to their own set of values and those of others. A conscientious approach that redefines the concept of progress by taking environmental, social and economic factors into account.

LifeGate is a benefit corporation, considered the point of reference for sustainability in Italy, which brings together a community of over 6 million people interested or passionate about sustainability themes. LifeGate works with passion and determination to share information, projects and services engaging an expanding network of people, businesses, NGOs and institutions that are committed to building a sustainable future.

LifeGate supports BUSINESSES to improve their sustainability characteristics through consulting, strategic communication and environmental projects. Through its media network, it provides PEOPLE with information and concrete tools to embrace sustainability in all their life choices and become protagonists of a new social order.


Creating a healthy, fair and sustainable world. Locating our future in circularity: giving and receiving must be the foundations of relationships between people, businesses and the planet, exactly as in friendship and in love.

Creating the largest international network of information and services for people, businesses, NGOs and institutions working towards a sustainable future. LifeGate wants to be the hub of sustainable innovation, helping companies position themselves, and engage with new generations through environmental and social projects aimed at building a better future.