Conditions for processing personal data set out by Legislative Decree no.196/03.

According to the requirements of art. 13 of Italian Privacy Law concerning personal data protection (Legislative Decree no.196/03) the conditions for the processing of personal data by LifeGate S.p.A. are detailed below.

1)    The personal data that you provide when you subscribe to LifeGate S.p.A’s. services or the data gathered while you access these services will be processed in order to: a) provide you the services you require, b) undertake technical maintenance and assistance with relation to the services, c) solve complaints and/or disagreements, d) prevent and repress fraud and others illicit activities.

Co-owned companies will process this data for the same purposes, including through the use of electronic, online, and paper devices. Personal information contained in this archive will not be shared with others, but employees of co-owned companies (such as those working in the debt collection, legal and the customer care divisions) may process it with the aims mentioned above.

In order to comply with such aims it is necessary that you communicate your personal data; if you do not communicate your data or if you do so partially or inaccurately, we will not be able to provide the services by you required.

2)    If you consent and for as long as you do so, your data may be processed by e-mail or by phone for purposes not closely related to service supply, i.e.:

a)    communications on events and services;

b)    research and statistical purposes carried out by co-owned companies only, i.e. LifeGate Radio S.p.A..

You are not obliged to agree with point 2); if you do not agree with it, LifeGate S.p.A. will process your data for the purposes specified in point 1) only.

We may process your data for the purposes mentioned in point 1) and 2) using paper, electronic and/or online devices. These will always be in compliance with the relevant regulatory frameworks.

Your personal information will be processed by customer care employees, as well as those of the commercial, marketing, billing, and technical support divisions. The employees, who work under the direction of an “Information Manager”, are responsible for processing the data and have received appropriate instructions on how to do so.

Information Managers receive appropriate instructions on how to process data, above all, relating to security measures to respect your privacy and protect your data.

With regards to data processing, you are free to exercise your rights under art. 7 of Italian Privacy Law, mentioned below. To do so please contact:

– LifeGate S.p.A., Via Leopardi, 2 – 22036 Erba (CO) Email: [email protected]

“Article 7 Right to access personal data and other rights”