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  4. Contents protection. LifeGate is inclined to circulate contents as much as possible, the distribution of which is part of the founding mission of LifeGate S.p.A. Technological protection measures can be taken with regards to certain contents, in accordance with Articles 102 quarter ss. of the LdA, consisting of devices and/or components designed to prevent or restrict acts not authorized by the copyright holder; electronic information on rights management can be provided indicating terms and conditions of use of works and/or materials, the author or any other right holder, numbers and codes representing those pieces of information or other identification elements. Images published on LifeGate.com: derive exclusively from databases; are owned by LifeGate; can be transferred by operators; are covered by Creative Commons’ licenses; are uploaded by users, subject to their responsibility. The contents on this website can be reproduced on any device for personal and teaching-scientific use, provided that they have non-profit and non-commercial purposes.
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