Biodiversity Beyond Borders. How to protect it by visiting Expo Milano 2015

Biodiversity Beyond Borders is LifeGate’s and the Biodiversity Park’s initiative at Expo Milano 2015 to preserve biological diversity by protecting the Amazon rainforest.

Within Milan’s global exhibition, there’s a place exclusively dedicated to organic farming and (agricultural but even non agricultural) biodiversity. It is called Biodiversity Park and it is an area of 8,500 square metres realised by BolognaFiere to highlight the importance of biological diversity as a universal precious thing we must protect everywhere in the world, in Italy but also beyond its borders, for food security and for our own survival.


For these and even other reasons, the Biodiversity Park, in collaboration with LifeGate’s project Stand up Forests, launched an initiative called Biodiversity Beyond Borders to create a bridge between Expo Milano 2015 and the place where most of the world’s biodiversity is held: the Brazilian Amazon Forest. For every visitor who will visit the Biodiversity Park, take part in the events and discover Italian beautiful nature through one of the many multimedia experiences of the pavilion, 3 square metres of Amazon rainforest will be protected thanks to the active participation of 150 people from 27 families of the San Pedro community. The Stand up Forests project, indeed, intervenes within the municipality of Silva, 340 kilometres from Manaus, capital of Amazonas State.

It is estimated that until 31th October, end day of Expo, the Park’s visitors will be 10 thousand daily, adding up to 4.5 million square metres of safeguarded forest. To give a contribution it is possible to take part in the initiative Biodiversity Beyond Borders using the hashtag #BioIsLife. From Alps to the Amazon rainforest, protecting biodiversity has never been so easy.


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