Rice plays a key role at Expo 2015

The rice cluster is now open. Explore six among the countries with the largest production and consumption of rice. Touch, taste and, why not, buy.

3 billion people eat a bowl of rice every day. Rice is the main meal for most of them, or a meal served throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner.




The rice cluster


Expo 2015 houses a cluster entirely dedicated to rice, one of the most important cereal of the world. It is a mirror structure reflecting small rice fields, reproduced along the bottom of the pavilion, surrounded by water (the symbol of this culture) and by a route encompassing the 6 most representatives countries: India and its Basmati Pavilions, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Sierra Leone, the cradle of rice cultivation.


Just consider the 7 billion tons of rice produced by Bangladesh, which managed today to reach food independence thanks to its agricultural policies, or India, whose research helped the development of a new variety of rice, rich with iron and zinc, to be used in poor diets, or Sierra Leone, which features among the opportunities and examples of cooperation between Italian universities and developing countries in order to achieve food safety.


“Clusters, especially the rice cluster, represents the possible cooperation work between countries and region of the world, each of which has its own peculiar and original features” stated Maurizio Martina, the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies. “Rice production is the most widespread, thus it can potentially describes the world.”




Curious Facts


Some pavilions, such as Myanmar and Laos pavilions, are still empty, due mostly to logistical problems, but they will be completed in the next weeks, while in Bangladesh and Sierra Leone Pavilions visitors can taste traditional meals. Cambodia and India pavilions are the most completed ones. In these pavilions, you can buy organic basmati rice produced in India.

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