Barahona, a natural haven in the Dominican Republic

In the south western part of the island, the province of Barahona, a biodiversity heritage site, has become one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque eco-friendly destinations.

During that fierce competition that global tourism holds with itself in an effort to identify “non-tourist”, unpopular travel destinations, it often happens that beautiful landscapes rich in biodiversity that were hitherto little explored unveil to the public. So, it happens that even in a place like the Dominican Republic, whose charm is renowned, you can discover naturalistic views for connoisseurs, like those of the Barahona province, whose capital Santa Cruz de Barahona, overlooking the Bay of Neiba, has become one of the main sustainable attractions of the Caribbean over the last years.

Nature and activities in Barahona

This place is in the south western part of the island, west of Santo Domingo, in a region that includes the three lakes of Oviedo, Rincon and Enriquillo as well as the biosphere reserves of the natural parks of Jaragua, Bahoruco and Gran Sabana. It has extremely varied landscapes, from desert to beaches, forests, flood plains, mountains rising to over 1,500 metres and beautiful waterfalls that create ideal microclimates and habitats for colourful wildlife including iguanas, flamingos, herons and crocodiles as well as different types of ducks. The stark and striking contrast between the rocks and the sea can be fully appreciated by practicing one of the many activities available in Barahona, including wind-surfing, biking, hiking, sailing, or walking or riding a horse along the coffee and sugar streets, the main cornerstones of the local economy along with textiles.

oviedo lagoon
Oviedo lagoon

Excursions in Barahona

The most exciting sustainable excursion in the region is the Sendero de la Virgen, a 7km route that passes through the subtropical forest and leads visitors up to the Cueva de la Virgen where, through a series of waterfalls, the river flows down into the cave. We recommend also the so-called Canopy Tour, which allows to dart among the trees of the tropical jungle admiring the Sierra Mountains by means of some cables suspended at 1000 metres above the ground, and the Casa de Tarzan, a fairy-tale, sustainable architectural three-floored construction overlooking a tributary of the River Baoruco, that can accommodate up to 12 people in the heart of the Selva y Montañas.

Santa Cruz de Barahona
Santa Cruz de Barahona


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