Yamina Oudai Celso


Early on I began manifesting the symptoms of two incurable vices, philosophy and writing: I channeled the former into a PhD in research, the publication of a book about Freud published by Bollati Boringhieri and an academic career divided between Venice, Geneva and Paris. The latter found its expression in a ten year journalistic collaboration with printed and online newspapers, with a particular focus on art, literature and travel. I’m always in search of a leitmotif  between culture, arts, architecture and landscapes, because the most intense emotions and most instructive reflections are, in my case, always provoked by Beauty – which inevitably implies, and often coincides with, a harmonious dialogue with the environment and the rest of the planet. My favourite “drugs”? A Keith Jarret or Itzhak Perlman concert, a film by Luchino Visconti, a Baudelaire poem, a “Don Giovanni” sung like it should be or a Shakespeare play, or a whole day spent in the kitchen inventing recipes, or the contemplation of my animal “alter egos”, that is, cats (house ones and non), cheetahs, lions and felines in general: if they don’t come to my couch, I’ll go to the savannah to look for them.


Favourite quote:

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

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The Praguian charm of Alfons Mucha

The Praguian charm of Alfons Mucha

Until 20 March Palazzo Reale in Milan hosts more than 150 artworks by the famous artist Alfons Mucha whose Art Nouveau strongly influenced his contemporaries’ taste through design, ads and objects.