Cecilia Dardana


For many years athletics and sport were my daily bread, but then I took my life in a different direction. Today, I’m proud to be a professional journalist. I write about a lot of things – except for finance. I started off with a blog, and now I listen to stories and my job is to tell them. I love travelling alone, reading on a plane – although I try to walk wherever possible – and overhearing snippets of other people’s conversations in the street. Generally speaking, I love cities and the people who give me something to write about.



“Seasons change, conditions change, but there’s something that stays unaltered. That is, the set of values that give meaning to life and the human condition: a person’s dignity, the common good, respect for others, a sense of responsibility towards those around us. This set of values is what culture helps us find and make ours” (Sergio Mattarella)

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