Natural remedies for low blood pressure

Do you always feel fatigued? Do you suffer from frequent head rushes? Maybe your blood pressure is low and you can’t face stressful work days properly.

Even in the morning, some people feel a sense of fatigue and lightheadedness, and their solution to these symptoms is a coffee break. Maybe this is simply due to post-holiday tiredness, but it is often the result of low blood pressure, which is a disorder rather than a disease. Its medical definition is blood pressure lower than ​​60/100 mm Hg, especially in the morning, just as one wakes up. Generally, it is not viewed by doctors as a disease, anyway, it is exhausting: doctors usually prescribe magnesium and potassium supplements, especially to sportsmen, who often experience dizziness under intense muscular effort. Herbal medicine suggests natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms of low blood pressure. Here they are:


Ribes Nigrum: this glycerine macerate is suitable for everyone, children and adults, because it doesn’t contain alcoholic extracts, but is composed of berries only. 50 drops in a glass half-full of water is the correct dose to take 20 minutes before breakfast. This remedy is particularly good for allergic diseases because it reduces the histamine response. Therefore, it should be consumed in September when ragweeds and pollens worry hypersensitive people.


Licorice: a classic remedy for hypotension, easy to use if one appreciates its aroma. Eating one pure licorice candy in the morning helps raise low blood pressure and avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee. However, it is important to consume unsweetened and non-jelly licorice candies or chew and suck a piece of licorice root when needed.


Equisetum Arvense: this is a plant mineral, useful to all people who suffer from extreme weakness due to demineralisation. Low blood pressure is usually associated with hair loss, fragility of nails, migrant bone pain. Equisetum is a restorative plant that can be found in herbalist’s shops in vials or dried and that must be taken once a day.


Siberian Ginseng: is useful to raise women’s low blood pressure during the menstrual cycle. It regulates the estrogen level as it drops during female periods causing women a sense of fatigue and weakness. It is advisable to ingest 50 drops of mother tincture three times a day during the heavy flow period.


Milk thistle

A versatile plant that can be used to produce both digestive and energy drinks. All along it has been cultivated by monks in the monasteries, has a long tradition and is contained in many bitters served after meals.
Tonic: it is its most appreciated use for the rapidity with which it normalises blood pressure. In this case, it is advisable to swallow 30-35 drops of mother tincture before the three main meals.
Digestive: it cleanses the liver and is suitable for everyone. It can be taken after a rich dinner or assiduously by those people with fatty liver or high cholesterol levels. That’s why it is good for people with slow liver or other liver diseases.
Galactagogue: milk thistle is the most suitable plant for increasing mother’s milk supply and it can be ingested just after childbirth and even while waiting for milk supply, because, besides facilitating lactation, it makes people regain their energy. For this usage it is recommended to buy it in bags or dried, so without alcohol.

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