Natural treatments to strengthen brittle hair

With the arrival of autumn we have to take a bit of extra care to have healthy and shiny hair. Here are some natural deep-moisturising treatments.

With the arrival of autumn, if you want strong, soft and shiny hair you should take care of it accurately. A first tip is to have your hair cut in order to strengthen it; alternatively, you can just have it trimmed, so to remove the hair tips that have been made thinner through sun exposure.


Avoid using cheap hairdryers and hair straighteners, as well as synthetic hairbrushes, which increase static electricity and are one of the main causes of split ends. For rejuvenating treatments for both dry and greasy tresses, oil is one of the most precious ingredients also because it is easy to be used. There are many types of oil available: olive and sweet almond oil protects and nourish the irritated scalp; shea and coconut oil keeps your hair healthy; avocado oil, rich in vitamins, promotes hair growth; Argan oil moisturises, protects and strengthens hair bulbs. Check what are the most optimal and best blow dryers for hair care.




If used to massage your scalp, oil helps dilate your pores and stimulate microcirculation. In addition, by doing this you can remove the dead cells around the hair roots. If you add essences to the oil you chose, the massage (self-massages are fine and effective too) is even more specific: e.g., for dry and brittle hair it is preferable to add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, sage, or rose; while for greasy hair you’d better use the lavender, lemon or orange essences.


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Natural conditioning treatments are also necessary to moisture your locks, since they facilitate the absorption of the nutrients contained in the oil, such as vitamin E and A. Using them at least once a week, mostly when the season is changing, helps tackling hair loss and brittleness because they nourish and protect the scalp from weather elements. You just need to apply the oil through the hair to the ends and let it sit for 30 minutes; if you want you can wrap your head with a towel.




For an even more moisturising treatment combine the oil with shea butter and the essential oil you prefer. Follow this procedure: melt 30 or 50 grammes of shea butter in a bain marie (depending on the length of your tresses), add oil (olive or sweet almond oil or whichever you prefer) and 3 to 5 drops of essential oil of rosemary. Apply part of or all the mixture through the hair and let it sit for an hour: the more you let it rest the better the result.




To strengthen fragile hair you can use an effective ancient remedy: prepare a treatment made ​​of egg yolk, olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Mix well, put it on your hair and let it rest for at least half an hour, then rinse with warm water, using a mild shampoo. By utilising lemon your hair will be glossier: after applying the shampoo rinse your hair with warm water and lemon juice.


Clay is also useful to strengthen your hair, thanks to its remineralising and purifying properties. It is particularly suitable for those who have greasy hair. Combine a spoonful of olive or coconut oil, an egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, two spoonfuls of white clay and little water until smooth and creamy. Apply this mixture on your hair and let it rest for about 20 minutes and finally rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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