Silvia C. Turrin


After a degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s in “Didactic History and Communications”, I entered the world of journalism as a freelancer, working first with a number of music magazines (including World Music Magazine; Il Giornale della Musica; Jazz Magazine; Etnica), then with magazines that treat African themes and oriental disciplines.


For work and as a hobby I cover conscientious ecology, alternaive life models, well being (with a special regard for natural remedies), nutrition.

I’m a Food Lover, especially of healthy and good food, with a predilection for Provençal and vegetarian cuisine.


I founded the blog

I’m also a Mindfulness instructor and have published three books, with another that will be out soon and another two which are currently works in progress.

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The rediscovery of bath salts

The rediscovery of bath salts

Whether you use them in their pure form or in combination with essential oil, bath salts give off all their virtues. Here are a few ideas to take advantage of their beneficial properties.

Healthy liver with horseradish

Healthy liver with horseradish

During the seasonal changes, horseradish roots help detoxify the liver, tackle biliary tract disorders and take in mineral salts and vitamins.