Tackling insomnia with essential oils

Aromatherapy is an effective and natural solution in case of insomnia. Let’s see which essential oils to choose to tackle sleep disorders.

Sleeping well is one of the prerequisites to stay healthy. It may happen that we don’t have a good sleep and the causes can be very different: from seasonal changes, to stress, from concerns to an unhealthy diet. Insomnia changes our daily rhythm and has a consequence on the amount of energy we have causing nervousness and making us lose clarity of thought.


To tackle and prevent sleeping disorders we have some natural remedies based on essential oils, complex substances that have the same properties of the plant from which they are sourced, and also, According to SleepJunkie.org your mattress plays a big role as well, so make sure to consider investing on a good one.



If the main cause of insomnia is due to anxiety factors we suggest the use of lavender vera (lavandula officinalis) essential oil, because it has a positive effect on the nervous system and it eases mental agitation. Thanks to its relaxing and tranquillising properties, the essence of lavender vera functions on the psyche as a natural anxiolytic, without side effects. It’s one of the few essential oils that can be used pure: you can put two drops on your temples or 5-6 drops on a handkerchief and inhale the fragrance.



If, instead, you tend to wake up early in the morning, a few hours before the alarm clock rings, we suggest the essential oil of Roman chamomile, which has tranquillising properties: it is considered a natural sedative of the nervous system. You just need to put 5-6 drops in a diffuser to spread the aroma in the bedroom where you will sleep.


If insomnia is due to mental fatigue you can opt for basil essential oil, a natural remedy for those who suffer from mental fatigue and apprehension. Pour 8-10 drops into the tub to have a relaxing bath, or else to have a footbath.



Even the essential oil of lemon balm has sedative properties and is suggested in case of hyperactivity. Besides the classical method consisting in the use of a diffuser, you can ingest a lump of sugar on which you previously poured 5-6 drops of lemon balm essential oil.


Finally, we suggest to using sandalwood essential oil in order to purify the environment where you will go to sleep. Its aroma is used in the East in the places where people do yoga and meditation, exactly because it relaxes and alleviate irritability.



Essential oils, even if they are natural, must be used under medical advice or after consulting an expert in aromatherapy. A medical prescription is particularly recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding; even in case of some pathologies it is highly recommended to consult an expert before using essential oils.

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