Clay, a natural product for home care

There are many natural resources that can be used for home care. But clay, thanks to its many beneficial properties, is one of the best remedies.

Since ancient times, clay has been used in various ways. Thanks to the minerals it contains including silica, aluminum and iron, it has many beneficial properties: it is vulnerary and has bactericidal, purifying, and energising properties. For this reason it is the basic ingredient of many beauty products (firstly facial masks) as well as a remedy used in natural medicine.


clay body care
White clay is more delicate than green clay ©


Clay is a substance derived from some types of rocks after that they absorb water solutions. If you let it dry and successively combine it with water clay turns into a muddy and easily moldable compound that is widely used in art and to create bricks or ceramic pottery.


But that’s not all. As an antibacterial, disinfectant and deodorizer, clay can also be used for home care. Indeed, there are some easy tricks to benefit from its natural properties at home.


For example, fill a cup or a bowl with clay and a few drops of essential oil with a fresh smell such as lavender, Japanese mint, lemon or bergamot and you will eliminate bad smells in the kitchen, refrigerator and those airtight containers that once contained smelly foods.


Washing fruit and vegetables with water and clay (a tablespoon of clay per litre of water), soaking them in it for twenty minutes helps remove pesticides and other toxic substances on the skin or peel of non-organic products. And using the same method you can get rid of stubborn stains such as grease from textiles.


clay home care
You can put some dry clay on a stubborn stain and rinse ©


Finally, if you fill a few bowls with clay and lemon or vinegar and place them in different parts of the house, you will have a natural and effective bug spray against ants and mosquitoes that replaces traditional toxic sprays that are harmful for humankind and the environment


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