How to beat autumn fatigue with vitality

Adaptogenic herbs are useful to help you face daily tasks and reactivate your mind. Whatever your age.

When autumn comes, reactivating your mind and body after the summer break could be hard work. Everyone goes back to “real life”: children start school, students go to university and adults are back in the office.

There are many natural products we can use to fight autumn fatigue. If we gorged ourselves and did little physical activity, we need a detox plan to get rid of toxins that, remaining in our body, make us feel fatigued. Excellent remedies are dandelion, either in pills or mother tincture, fumaria, artichoke and milk thistle (which is not recommended if you have high blood pressure).


Mixed products are also good: they combine gemmotherapy with herbal liquid extracts, some of which are particularly effective in draining excretory organs and eliminating metabolic wastes.

Chinese traditional medicine has been using schisandra chinensis berries for thousands of years as they protect the liver, purify the organism, help tackling stress, fatigue, exhaustion and nervous breakdowns as well as reducing memory and concentration losses.


Dagger Hakea is a detoxifying essence extracted from an Australian flower that drains and stimulates the liver functions.

Let’s remember to start to follow again a healthy diet rich in whole cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables and let’s give up those unhealthy habits that slow down the body cleansing process.

If we have difficulties in recovering our mind and concentration it is advisable to take rhodiola, an excellent adaptogen that triggers brain circulation, reduces stress and tackle the action of free radicals. It is particularly suitable in case of concentration and memory losses and it is recommended to those who do a lot of physical activity. It is even more effective if combined with Australian flowers such as fuchsia bush, isopogon, paw paw, jacaranda and sundew. We suggest two pills in the morning after breakfast. Rhodiola is suitable for students that have to go back to school or university, professionals that have to deal with refresher courses and definitely whenever we need to memorise and learn something.


Another effective remedy is eleutherococcus, which stimulates the mind and body. It helps us when we feel tired as it promotes the mnemonic and cognitive processes. In case of cold it will help the immune system along with the adaptogens and immunostimulants tulsi (Holy basil) and codonopsis. In the herbalist’s shops we can find liquid combinations of these three plants to be taken once a day in the morning with or without food.

If you need to invigorate your body, ginseng is the remedy that suits you best. Either in pills, mother tincture or soft extract it will give you immediate energy but if you suffer from tachycardia, insomnia or high blood pressure you must be careful with it.

Maca or Lepidium meyenii is grown in Peru and it can be about 4,000 metres tall; it has reinvigorating and energising properties and it increases the ability to endure stress and fatigue. Everybody at all ages can take this remedy mostly in case of fatigue and tiredness.


Withania, an adaptogenic tonic, is useful in case of physical fatigue and it triggers sexual drive. As any other adaptogen it increases the body resistance and ability to adapt to all stressful situations.

We suggest blackthorn syrup for the children, even little ones, who feel tired after summer holidays. It is beneficial even for adult and old people since it delicately reactivates the energy balance. For children we suggest a teaspoonful of this remedy dissolved in water, fruit juice or milk in the morning, while for adult and old people we recommend a teaspoonful of the syrup.


A reinvigorating rosemary bath (also found in the herbalist’s shop) is really useful. You should dilute the product (2/3 spoonful) in a basin full of lukewarm water and rub your skin with a sponge soaked in this water and slightly squeezed; then wrap up your body in a cloth and lay under a blanket for about ten minutes. It is effective for children as well as adults.

Macrocarpa, an Australian flower that will give you vitality and ability to endure fatigue, is useful to regularise the functions of the suprarenal glands. If combined with crowea and yellow cowslip orchid it will invigorate your body and muscles.

Last but not least, freshwater algae including spirulina, chlorella and klamath, which are rich in vital nutrients for the body. The effectiveness of this natural remedy lies in the combination of the nutrients of these three species of algae.

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