Paola Castellani


Having studied as a dietician and herbalist, forever an advocate of accompanying good and healthy nutrition to natural remedies, I have been working in the field of phytotherapy for fifteen years.

I have taught nutritional courses aimed at women who want to undertake activities related to nutrition.


During my activity as a herbalist I frequented innumerable courses conducted by important physicians and researchers in the sector.

I received an attendance certificate for the “Psychosomatic” course at the SIMO naturopathy school.


In 2008 I attended, with great satisfaction, an Australian Floratherapy course with Ian Wite, certificate which gave me the opportunity of recommending and divulging through meetings the wonderful functions of these flowers as potent as the content that is their home.


Mother of three children, I have tried to transmit to them the importance of “nourishing” oneself correctly and the ability to find in nature, as much as possible, remedies for ill health.

As well as phytotherapy, I have used omeopathic remedies for them, which I studied for a long time and have learnt to use in targetted ways.


I am currently attending a Counseling course at the ANEB psychology school, which will give me further opportunities to support individuals in their journeys of healing.

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