Psoriasis, let’s tackle it with natural remedies

Tackling certain forms of psoriasis is really difficult. Those who have been fighting against this painful skin condition for a long time are well aware of this.

Psoriasis is a skin inflammatory and chronic disease. Generally, the first symptoms appear in people aged 15 to 25. Recent studies confirm that this non-contagious skin condition is driven by an abnormal activity of the immune system.


There are many factors that trigger psoriasis, including genetic predisposition, certain drugs, metabolic disorders, cigarette smoking, obesity and, last but not least, stress.


Psoriatic plaques are large red patches covered with white skin scales, may be itchy and burn. They are so dry so that the skin cracks and may bleed. The white scales are caused by the fact that skin cells regenerate faster than normal. Generally, psoriasis affects the knees, elbows, scalp, neck, hands, feet and chest but can occur anywhere in the body.


Psychosomatics tells us what the emotional problems related to this disease may be. Not only is the skin the external part of our body, it also relates us to the outside world, other people and the difficulty of communicating our emotions. The drastic elimination of psoriasis through medication and cortisone drugs is therefore not recommended because, sometimes, the disease may be the only way for the patient to stay balanced in the world.


psoriasis shea butter
Pure shea butter is an excellent ingredient to soften the skin in case of psoriasis © ingimage


There are many natural remedies that we can use and good food habits that we can follow to fight psoriasis. Dry skin should be hydrated with nourishing oil cleansers or Aleppo soap that should be used topically to wash the body and hair. Another useful remedy is having therapeutic baths with Dead Sea salts.


Se da un lato l’approccio olistico è assolutamente consigliato per liberarci dalletossine emotive, altrettanto utile è l’eliminazione delle tossine fisiche, per cui una buona pulizia di tutti gli organi emuntori (reni, fegato, intestino) non è da sottovalutare.


Excellent hydrating products are pure shea butter and borage oil-based creams that keep the scales that form on the psoriatic patches soft. If the skin is already injured, a cream containing tea tree essential oil is very effective, because it avoids infections thanks to its antibacterial properties and eases the itch thanks to its soothing properties. In this case, a calendula ointment is also useful. While the holistic approach is absolutely recommended to free our body from emotional toxins, the removal of physical toxins is also useful; so cleaning the excretory organs (kidney, liver, intestine) is very important.


You should follow a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, little meat and, if possible, no dairy products in all its forms. Reduce gluten and opt for gluten free cereals instead. Alternate borage oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin D3, omega 3/6/9 or black currant oil pearls or take two of them for at least three months with food.


If you’re very tired, take the copper-gold-silver trace element on alternate mornings without food for at least three months as well as 50 drops of Lebanon cedar mg and 50 drops of blackcurrant mg in little water, twice a day without food.


Lebanon cedar
Lebanon cedar.


If we opt for Australian flowers, which can be combined with other treatments, it is recommendable to take a mixture made of Billy Goat Plum, Dagger Hakea, Flannel Flower, Green Essence and Fringed Violet.


Products containing donkey or mare’s milk or colostrum are known to maintain balance in the immune system and alleviate inflammation in case of autoimmune diseases. They’re found in capsule form or single dose vials and the dose you should take varies according to your need.


Remember to always keep the bacterial flora in balance in order to boost the intestinal activity, which is considered our second brain and where we accumulate tensions, toxins, stress and anxieties that severely affect the entire body.


If you suffer from this disease, sun exposure is very helpful, but don’t exaggerate. If you surrender to its warm embrace you’ll have many benefits!

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