Australian flowers, what are they and which are their properties

Australian flowers have an ancient story that embraces many cultures. They have a quick effect and are as powerful as the country from which they come from.

Some books read that Australian flowers have been used for several centuries but, according to written records, the first person who used the dew of these flowers to treat emotional imbalances was Paracelsus.

Aborigines have always made extensive use of them: possibly they ate the flowers to absorb all their powerful healing properties and if the flowers weren’t edible, they made a ritual to celebrate them and absorb their therapeutic vibrations.

It is no coincidence that Australia is a powerful continent, especially in its interior, the Australian bush, where ancient wisdom, incredible strength and amazing beauty are palpable.

australian flowers
Waterfall in the Australian bush

This region is home to a number of blooming plants that offer, even in the winter, a touch of wonderful bright colours that blend with the pale and delicate colours of the surrounding environment.

Australia is also thought to have an excessive vitality that plays an important role in the development of new-age consciousness and the essences of its flowers are useful for people’s emotional and spiritual growth, as well as to restore balance in the people who need it.

Ian White, naturopath and creator of the Australian essences, has always been incredibly interested in the flowers of his country, exactly like his family that devoted their life to take care of people with plants.

Silver Princess australian flower
Silver Princess, a therapeutic Australian flower

As many other famous therapists, he says that diseases are the physical representation of emotional unbalances that emerge when a person is not in touch with their spiritual side. As a consequence, he believes that diseases and disorders help people taking a path in step with their life goals.

Even if it’s not entirely demonstrated how flower essences function, since they’re considered to be like fresh water and just useful to treat mild diseases, researchers are conducting studies to bring evidence on the positive effects of floritherapy.

A few studies clearly show that emotional and physical disorders can be treated by rebalancing subtle energy bodies (astral, celestial, mental and causal) using a remedy with a subtle frequency.

bottlebrush australian flowers
Bottlebrush the Australian flower that looks like a bottle-brush

When you take an essence orally, it is initially absorbed by the bloodstream then, due to an electromagnetic current generated by the polarity of the circulatory and nervous system, the essence moves to the meridians, i.e. the vital mechanisms between the subtle and physical body, and reaches chakras and subtle bodies where it is amplified; then, it flows to the physical body, becoming more stable and powerful.

Even Australian flowers function with this same mechanism. They help following the right direction in life, listening to our own intuitions and acting according to them. They are strongly recommended in case of deep crises, because they’re fundamental to develop feelings and emotions, thus promoting a faster and more long-lasting recovery of their emotional balance.

The powerful essences of the Australian bush help disclosing the positive qualities that reside in the deepest part of each individual and can transform feelings: fear into courage, insecurity into self-confidence, anger into serenity, sadness into joy, hatred into love and so on.

australian flowers caledenia flava
Caledenia flava, an Australian flower

Preparing the mother essence of a new flower is a magical experience and those who have had the privilege to try to do it won’t forget it. The preparation takes place in an open place, generally surrounded by nature; after a short meditation that allows you to come in contact with nature, you have to choose the flowers you want to collect, put them in a large glass bowl full of pure water and expose them to the sunlight for about two or three hours. At that point, you should fill one third of a bottle with cognac, and then gently pour the water where the flowers were immersed.

Australian flower essences are many, about seventy, and every single flower has a particular function. So, the flower-therapist can choose those most appropriate for every situation. Generally, the essences of the bush have a fast action, but it can also happen that adults can see results after a while.

They’re also perfect for children and animals and in their case they function faster since they have less emotional barriers that should be overcome. Children are more in touch with their feelings and their genuineness. The dosages are the same as those used by adults.

Baby kissing dog
A baby kissing its dog

For each situation it is possible to mix up to seven Australian flowers, even though, to obtain better results, it is recommended to use four or five flowers at most. The suggested dose is seven drops twice a day to be taken orally until your flower-therapist tells you otherwise.

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