Chelidonium and turmeric, healing chalazion naturally

Chalazion is an extremely bothersome problem that affects people of all ages, both male and female, adults and children. Let’s discover how to treat it effectively with natural remedies.

A chalazion is a small cyst in the eyelid, usually on the upper one. It is caused by the inflammation of the meibomian gland, because of the occlusion of its excretory duct. The liquid secreted by this sebaceous gland, which has the function of producing the oily layer of tears, can block the duct causing inflammation and swelling. Chalazia can cause no pain or just a slight itch and are not contagious.


erbe lenitive calazio


To have immediate relief you can apply hot pads to your eye with bandages soaked in calendula, mallow and chamomile infusion more than once a day and massage the skin around the chalazion to avoid stasis. First of all it is important to purify the liver: to do this, use dandelion in all its forms, homeopathic or phytotherapic, every morning and evening (the dose depends on the product you buy). Use chelidonium and turmeric, which you can find already combined in drops (chelidonium curcuma); add 10 drops in little hot water and drink it with food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Chelidonium roots contain proteolytic enzimes and fat-burning enzymes while turmeric triggers digestion and, thanks to its action on the biliary process, it stimulates the digestion of fats.


Curcuma powder


As an alternative, you can use the Chrysantellum americanum, available in capsules or drops, ideal in case of hepatic and biliary disorders, dyslipidemia and eating disorders. However, in case of severe gastric disorders including gastritis or gastric ulcer it is recommendable to avoid using it. It can be useful to add to the above mentioned remedies fermented papaya every morning for at least three months. This fruit has many beneficial properties, in particular it rebalances the functions of the glandular apparatus and reduces inflammation.


But what plays an important role in the healing of chalazion is the diet, which should be modified and regulated. Choose detox food such as bitter vegetables and reduce sugar intake, so, sugar in all its forms, cured meats, fried food, alcoholic beverages and coffee. Fruits, vegetables and whole cereals are the most recommended food; proteins are admitted in small amounts.


verdura cura calazio


An excellent alternative to coffee is chicory beverage, which doesn’t contain caffeine, yet has detox and digestion-triggering properties. Drink as much water as you like: it encourages the elimination of toxins. If, despite the use of these remedies and the consumption of recommended food, your chalazion doesn’t improve, we suggest that you consult your physician.

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