Ruchi Shroff

Navdanya International

Director of Navdanya International, based in Rome, Italy, which is the international arm of Navdanya, an organisation headquartered in India that has been working for over 30 year towards the conservation and rejuvenation of agro-biodiversity, traditional knowledge and a transition towards a food system that ensures ecological sustainability, climate resilience, health and nutrition, equity and social justice.

She co-ordinates the international programs and campaigns related to Seed Freedom, food sovereignty as well as resistance to GMOs, free trade agreements, seed monopolies and biopiracy. One of her interests lies in investigating the true costs of the industrial food system paradigm and its impacts on agro biodiversity, socio-economic and ecological sustainability. Trained in physics, economics and management, she has worked for over a decade with social movements in the defence and protection of the environment as well as democratic rights of minorities and indigenous communities.

Favourite quote: “Today's food is so toxic that when you sit down eating, rather than saying ‘Enjoy your meal’, it would be better to say ‘Good luck’” (Pierre Rabhi)

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