How to get better sleep in a natural way

The god of sleep runs with a poppy and a cup of its juice in his hands. The importance of sleep and how to use natural substances to promote it.

Sleeping is a moment to yourself. It is intimacy with the unconscious: closing your eyes and falling asleep means relying on the substance of your innermost self. Insomnia means avoiding this contact: with it, the demons of everyday life such as concerns and anxieties return. Lightness becomes elusive as heaviness keeps you stuck to your bed, awake.

sleep well

Emptying your mind is an art that can be learned. You can start by meditating while lying in bed, then do simple subdiaphragmatic breathing exercises, dispel your concerns and focus on your breathing, on the dark, quiet. At first it is an act of force, then it is freedom.

It is the Californian poppy. It induces sleep and also avoid frequent night awakenings. It’s a sedative and anxiolytic essence, it relieves tensions and makes you feel relaxed. It makes you fall asleep and get rid of night cramps. If you take it over a long period, it improves your mood.

Nux Vomica
If you suffer from heartburn that causes you to stay awake during the night, this homeopathic remedy it what suits you best. Take it before dinner and before going to bed, it will prevent acid reflux.

Red chestnut
One Bach flower will make you overcome pessimism and alleviate anxieties. Take 4 drops 4 times a day without food and before going to sleep. And if you can’t find the best sleeping position for you, add arnica before laying yourself down.

It is naturally produced by our epiphysis and decreases with the passing of time. The common dose is 3mg before sleeping and it can be administered for a long period. It’s an excellent antioxidant and anti-ageing substance.

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