Suntan freely, with suitable remedies

Summer has come and as every year we must protect our skin before sun exposure. Here are a few dietary and phytotherapic tips for a perfect suntan.

The substances that protect the epidermis include beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A, renowned for its beneficial effects on the skin and membranes. Great sources of this vitamin are red or orange fruits and vegetables such as carrot, pepper, pumpkin, mango, melon, apricot, strawberry and tomato, which should be included in our daily diet. So, why not consuming them exactly the way nature provides them to us or in juice form? Algae are also rich in beta carotene, in particular Dunaliella salina.




A good supplement that shields the skin during sun exposure and that maintain a tan for a long time must contain at least one antioxidant, e.g. lycopene, an active ingredient found in tomatoes, or lutein, which is abundant in egg yolks.


If you have skin disorders and you are prone to heat rashes, you should use ribes nigrum in the glycerine macerate form (50 drops twice a day) or in form of oil capsules (two capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner), which help you tackle the bothering symptoms of erythema along with a fresh aloe gel you should apply in profusion on your skin. Another recommendation is to have a bath with starch and a lotion with a high percentage of calendola (at least 30 percent).




Another excellent remedy for sunburn and rash is the Australian flower Mulla Mulla, a plant with pink flowers resistant to the hot temperatures of Australian deserts. Take 7 drops of this essence in the morning and evening, a few days before or during sun exposure. You can add this essence to your sun screen or after sun so that you can take advantage of its benefits even topically.




In your luggage you should also include effective high-SPF sunscreen that protect you from UV rays and their harmful effects on your skin, available in all herbalist’s shops.


And remember to protect your skin from the sun even when you are in the city, especially if you have skin discoloration.

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