The first wolf spotted in the Czech Republic after 100 years

A wolf has been spotted in the Czech Republic after 100 years of absence. Great news also for the ecosystem.

A hidden camera shot a picture of a wolf crossing a wooded area. Nothing particular, except the fact that the camera was located near the city of Doksy, Czech Republic, and that it’s the first time that in such areas a wolf is spotted in 100 years.


According to Radio Prague, over the last few years signals could have suggested the presence of wolves, but they haven’t showed up in the Bohemia region since the end of the 19th century.

It is not still possible to provide esteems on the number of individuals or saying if it’s just a meaningless event, since that wolf is likely to have come from Germany and Poland, where wolf populations are on the rise.


In any case, this represents good news because super predators such as wolves, lions or sharks improve and stimulate biodiversity, according to recent theory. It’s true, they are carnivores, but they give life to many others, creating a positive cascade effect on the entire ecosystem they live in. This is exactly what happened in the American Yellowstone Park after wolves have been reintroduced in 1995 after 70 years of absence. The video by Sustainable Man, narrated by the great British environmental journalist George Monbiot shows this discovery in details.

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