Leonardo DiCaprio produces a movie on the beloved Yellowstone female wolf

La star hollywoodiana conferma la sensibilità verso le tematiche ambientali producendo un film sulla storia vera di una femmina di lupo uccisa nel 2012.

From the Wolf of Wall Street to American Wolf. From the story of a broker to the life of a female wolf of Yellowstone. Leonardo DiCaprio becomes producer to tell the story of 832F, female wolf (Canis Lupus) hosted at Yellowstone National Park that has rapidly become the favourite of hikers and researchers.

lupo Yellowstone


Her celebrity was due to her charisma, 832F was in fact an alpha female leader of a numerous wolfpack. It is an uncommon fact, since a wolfpack is usually led by a male alpha. The animal, named O-Six for her birthday year, 2006, in December 2012 had to face the severe winter that transformed the Yellowstone Park in an iced desert, where the preys lacked but cubs needed food. She thus made the decision to leave the protected area to venture outside, in an unknown and hostile world. There, the female wolf has been shot to death with a shotgun by a hunter, a year after the United States Environmental Protection Agency decided to remove wolves from the endangered species’ list.


Her death deeply moved U.S media and public opinion, for example The New York Times even dedicated to her an obituary. DiCaprio, through his film production company, the Appian Way Productions, purchased the rights of the book written by Nate Blakeslee, Texas Monthly editor.




The American actor proved once again his love and attention towards animals and the environment. He carried out numerous initiatives to protect the planet, for example, the last year he donated 3 million dollars to the WWF for protecting tigers in Nepal. Just a few days ago, DiCaprio has been appointed United Nations Messenger of Peace, with the aim of raising global awareness on climate change.

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