Protect wolves, adopt donkeys

Switzerland tried to remove wolves from the list of protected animals, but the proposal has been rejected.

Basically, the return of the wolf to Switzerland (Ticino-Grigioni) may arise some problems to flocks. For this reason, the associations UFAFP launched a project for the introduction of guard dogs and for the education of shepherds, in order to help farmers most affected by wolves’ attacks.

Moreover, there’s the possibility to “recruit” donkeys, which are larger than wolves and effective when threatened. Donkeys’ bray alarms the shepherd. Donkeys substantially react to any bother, detest every canine species and aggressively defend the flock from any intruder. Thus, they could be useful for protecting small flocks within fences.

Indeed, donkeys are used in North America against coyotes and in Namibia against leopards.

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