Expo by night is worth visiting

Reduced entrance fees, several pavilions open until late, light game, awesome architectures and much more. Expo by night is definitely worth a visit.

Visit Expo by night and wander around the pavilions after the sunset is an unforgettable experience. The entrance is cheap: the ticket costs 5 euro from 7 PM until closing times. Once you walk past the turnstiles, you must definitely visit Pavilion Zero, the place embodying and portraying man’s journey through nutrition. Stories depicting the relation between man and agriculture are shown on a 21×50 metres screen.




When it gets dark, Expo almost transforms and the thousands LEDs, most of which can adjust their brightness according to the visitors flow, create impressive light plays.


Albero della vita


Remarkable exhibitions take place every hour at the tree of life, the symbol of Expo 2015. Crowds of visitors head towards Piazza Italia. The Balich’s work of art holds several light and water displays, where the symbols of Italy are casted in the air.


Expo 2


Not all pavilions are open until Expo closing times and most of them can be visited until 10 PM, among which Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Korea, United States and China.


Expo by night also features several events. On 15 may, ALLAVITA! was launched. It is a display by Cirque du Soleil, taking place every night, from Wednesday to Friday. Until 30 August, you can watch this unique display.


There are several free events and there are changes you can watch an Azeri display or take part to an Irish concert.


It is also worth mentioning wine and food. Careful visitor can have dinner at affordable prices, unless they are looking for rarities.








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