Bees want to save us in the new video by Greenpeace

Greenpeace becomes Greenbees and activists become bees in the new video of the organisation that stands up for the protection of pollinators.

It’s simple, without bees there’s no food. Without food human beings are on the brink of extinction. In the new footage by Greenpeace, which on this occasion became Greenbees, a group of activist bees are trying to convince men to stop using pesticides and other toxic chemicals in farming. For themselves. Because without bees there is no pollination. Without pollination nature can’t no more provide flowers, fruits, food. A free economic value of 22 billion euros per year.


Recently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature warned the European countries about the damages of intensive farming to pollinators, from pollution to the negative impacts of global warming. Of 68 species analised, 24 percent is endangered.


The last scene of the video is emblematic: two bees are distributing leaflets holding a sign reading “Save the humans”. Give bees a chance because, as the final slogan says, “without us, you don’t have one”.

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