Seeds of Freedom, Manu Chao’s new song against Monsanto

Manu Chao has released a new song, Seeds for Freedom, dedicated to the fight of famers and the Monsanto Tribunal against the agrochemical giant.

Seeds of Freedom is the new song of French musician and singer-songwriter of Spanish origin Manu Chao, dedicated to the fight that farmers and peasants are carrying out against agrochemical giant Monsanto, and in support to the International Monstanto Tribunal.

international monsanto tribunal
The International Monsanto Tribunal © Monsanto Tribunal/Facebook

On 18 April the Monsanto Tribunal, an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human and environmental rights violations, accused Monsanto of ecocide. In particular, the multinational is accused of threatening biodiversity, obstructing the right to food, increasing risks linked to food security and impinging farmers’ freedom.

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