Emmanuel Macron’s message on climate change

The message Emmanuel Macron had sent on climate change started circulating (again) after his election as French president. Here’s the video.

After Emmanuel Macron won the France presidential election on 7 May, a video he posted on his Facebook page on 10 February has started circulating again. In that occasion the leader of En Marche! invited American researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs working on climate change to move to Europe after US President Donald Trump was sworn in at the White House. Trump, indeed, expressed scepticism about climate change and decided to cut funds destined to climate actions.

After being elected president of France, Macron sent two messages. He first reassured French researchers on his will to tackling climate change, by increasing public and private investments and complying with the Paris Agreement. He then invited US researchers to move to France: “We like innovation, we want innovative people. Please come to France, it is your nation”.


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