Climate Change Conference

COP21 negotiators at work as devastating floods hit India

Floods hit India due to the heaviest rains in a century, vivid proof of what an environmental catastrophe looks like, whilst negotiations continue in Paris.

Negotiations at COP21 are proceeding, albeit at a frustrating pace. Whilst the delegates are tackling the most important agreement on emissions reduction in recent history, floods hit India in the city Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state. The worst rains in a century have caused flooding that has killed over 260 people. Severe inundations are amongst the dangers countries face due to the changing climate: such risks are the subject of a report by German Watch, the Global Climate Risk Index 2016, presented at COP21. India, which recently declared that it would lead an international solar alliance, is the tenth most vulnerable country in the world according to the ranking.


For all the latest updates on the seminal conference in Paris visit the page COP21.



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