Before the Flood, full movie. DiCaprio’s new documentary is a call to defend our planet

Before the flood è incentrato sulla più grande minaccia che il nostro pianeta si trova a dover fronteggiare: i cambiamenti climatici.

How far have we gone and is there anything we can do to stop climate change? These are the questions that gave life to Before the Flood, a documentary produced and interpreted by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Fisher Stevens (producer of Award-winning documentary The Cove). The Hollywood star’s commitment to protecting our planet is anything but new. After having produced Cowspiracy, a documentary on the impact of animal farming, and donated millions of dollars for the protection of the environment, he decided to make a movie on the dramatic consequences of climate change.

dicaprio obama
US President Barack Obama and US actor Leonardo DiCaprio

The effects of a changing climate

The documentary features the terrible effects of rising temperatures and follows DiCaprio as he travels the country to meet some of the world’s most influent people, including US President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and Tesla Motor CEO Elon Musk. The documentary has been released by National Geographic and has been screened in 171 countries and translated into 45 languages. “The world is now watching, and we ask you to protect it,” UN Messenger of Peace DiCaprio said during the 2014 Climate Summit in New York. Through Before the Flood, DiCaprio urges the world again, by underlining the need of having “leaders who believe in the science of climate change and who have the courage to take a stand for our planet“.

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