Sribadam a picturesque village in Sikkim where time comes to a standstill

Sikkim is a hilly State in north-east India. Surrounded by villages that attracts outsiders thanks to its soothing calmness and natural beauty.

The north-eastern states of India are known for their lush green mountains and scenic locations that captivate every visitor and transform the mind far away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Nature seems to rule in perfect harmony at a picturesque village of Sribadam in Sikkim State of north-east India, around one hundred kilometres from Gangtok, the state capital.

The serene village is surrounded by the green canopy of mountains with hanging clouds offering a soothing relief to the madding outside world.

Odyssey with nature

The meandering lanes of the village with tall trees on both the sides along with chirping of birds and gurgling sound of waterfalls seems to bring the time into a standstill.

Situated at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level, the quietness of Sribadam and its natural beauty is a perfect gift to a poet who wants to pen a few lines as an ode to the nature.  A gurgling waterfall cascades from a height of around one hundred feet and welcomes every visitor with the gushing sound of milky water. The honking of vehicles and other noises that have become part of the urban life is missing here as nature is omnipresent in every nook and corner of the village to greet a visitor.

Sribadam waterfall in Sikkim
Gurgling sound of waterfall welcomes every visitor in Sribadam © Gurvinder Singh

The village has a population of just two thousand with most of them involved in agriculture, fish farming and other forms of livelihood.  Sikkim is world’s first state to grow completely organic food items as farmers here do farming organically without any harmful chemicals.

Sribadam is also known as the hub of rainbow trout farming, the most demanded fish in Sikkim and other neighbouring states. The fish is grown here because of the cold climatic conditions and ample supply of water from the natural springs, “The farmers here make good profit in fish farming because our climatic condition are perfect for rainbow trout and the supply of water remains uninterrupted across the year in our tanks that are connected with local rivers and springs. We are blessed by nature,” said Ram Bahadur Gurung, a local fish farmer.

Full of tourist hubs  

But it is not just nature and the calmness that attracts outsiders, the village and its surrounding areas has several tourist destinations that make the journey a memorable one.

Most of the villagers follow Buddhism and visit Phuntsok Choeling monastery which is surrounded by green mountains from all sides that stand like a sentinel. The monastery conducts meditational practices during the rainy season in the month of June, July for a period of two weeks.

It is not only popular among the people of Sikkim but also attracts tourists from neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan.  Buddhist children are also provided with accommodation and education here. The Nyingma Palyul Dechen Gawelling monastery is another important place of Buddhism here which is famous for mask dance performed during the months of December and January every year.

monastery in Sribadam, Sikkim
Phuntsok Choeling monastery in Sribadam is surrounded by green mountains © Gurvinder Singh

Buddhist praying wheels powered by the water currents have been constructed in the nearby streams of Sribadam. They are sites of where wishes are made and fulfilled.

The village also has two natural and one artificial lake. Bhaishi Pokhori, Jhor Pokhori, the natural lake and Tar Lake – artificial lake – are well known.

Bhaishi Pokhori is amidst in the dense forest of Sribadam and has numerous amounts of fish and wild life close to it. There are three waterfalls in the middle of Sribadam village. This river is the source for drinking water in Rinchenpong constituency.

Apart from nature, the houses of the locals who are ethnic tribes are also worth visiting as they offer a peak into the lives of people who originally hail from neighbouring country of Nepal and settled here for the past several generations. The houses have been made of extensive wood work and the intricate designs of the houses show the skill of the local people. Even the wood cottages for tourists offer a breathtaking view of the lush green mountains and chirping of birds.

Mesmerising tourists in Sikkim

But there are also other locations close to Sribadam that tourists can visit is Pelling, another idyllic village located just 56 kilometres away and dotted with panoramic nature. Besides, there is also Singshore, the highest bridge in Sikkim at an elevation of 198 metres above the ground located 28 kilometres from Pelling. It also happens to be the highest gorge bridge in Asia.

soccer field in Sribadam, Sikkim
Children playing in the green fields of Sribadam © Gurvinder Singh

The best time to visit Sribadam and neighbouring villages is anytime between March, April, May and June when there are summers in plains with scorching heat and humid conditions. But Sribadam located at a high altitude remains cool even during the harsh summers. Snow fall is also witnessed during extreme winters at Sribadam. International travellers can take a flight from Delhi, the country’s capital and land at Bagdogra airport in West Bengal. It would take another five-six hours drive to reach Sribadam as one can also enjoy the picturesque view of mountains and river on the way to the village.

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