What to do in Milan in 36 hours, according to The New York Times

The New York Times chooses Milan to tell us how best to fill 36 hours. Useful tips for anyone travelling to Milan.

Milan will be the protagonist of 2015. Thanks to Expo Milano 2015, the world exhibition dedicated to food being held from May to October, world tourism will be focused on Milan. 

Alongside being ranked among the 10 cities to visit this year by Lonely Planet, the New York Times dedicated its 36 hours column to the city of Milan. A 6-minute video (in Italian, subtitled in English) that shows all places you can’t miss if you only have 36 hours to visit the city. It’s a useful guide not only for tourists, but also for students and workers.


The US newspaper selected 11 locations: bars, restaurants, shops, and historical and cultural sites adding to the allure of the city. Milan seems to be lit up by a new cosmopolitan energy that makes it the most international of Italian cities.

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