The reaction of a pit bull rescued from dog fighting to the very first love

The dog, rescued and brought to a specific animal shelter, shows his gentle nature to a woman willing to pet him.

The distinction between good and bad dog breeds does not exist: humans are the cause of dogs’ bad behaviours. However, pit bulls have a very bad reputation, as they are often considered to be violent and aggressive.





Actually, these dogs are tame and tender, particularly with people. However, due to their thew, they are used for illegal fighting. Dog fighting is a real criminal business: animals are grown with violence and coercions, and educated to kill with no necessity and against nature.


This is the suffering underwent by the pit bull protagonist of our story that, fortunately, turned out to be a happy ending story. The dog was rescued from a dogfighting operation and was brought to a specific shelter rescuing animals from abuse. Dogs that have experienced violence effectively need a rehabilitation period to favour their adoption.


The video shows the dog being petted for the first time after years of abuse and mistreatment. His reaction is touching and underlines his gentle nature.


Despite on the cage the dog card’s “condition” entry reads “aggressive” in red letters, the woman petting him is anything but scared. She shows kindness and love, emotions probably still unknown to the animal, which initially seems to be hesitant. After moments of bewilderment, the dog starts grunting and slowly, cagily approaching the woman.


SACRAMENTO, CA - FEBRUARY 1:  Akuti, a 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, looks out the window at the Sacramento SPCA February 1, 2008 in Sacramento, California.  Akuti is one of many dogs and cats who were either abandoned or surrendered to many SPCA and county shelters nationwide by their owners because they have gone through home foreclosures and had to move. In December 2007 the amount of pets being dropped off whose owners listed moving as a reason more than doubled from that of a year ago, according the Sacramento SPCA records.  (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)


Once the dog overcame the initial mistrust, he starts wagging his tail and he goes closer to the bars in order to be petted, deciding to trust, once again, in that strange animal without fur able to do acts of unspeakable cruelty, but also of love and compassion.

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