Pets improve our health and could save healthcare systems 4 billion

Gli animali d’affezione contrastano la depressione e le principali patologie croniche, con grande beneficio per la salute e i conti pubblici.

Animals’ love has no price, but if it had it, it would certainly be high. Studies have already shown that the having pets has numerous therapeutic effects: it helps fight loneliness and depression, it reduces heart attack risks, and halves the possibility of allergies onset.

Anziano con il suo cane

Owning dogs and cats could thus significantly improve people’s health conditions and save healthcare systems 4 billion euros, according to a new research conducted by Centro Studi Sic Sanità in Cifre, presented in Matera, southern Italy.

“Savings have been calculated by taking into consideration the cost reduction related to main chronic diseases management, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and depression,” said Roberto Messina, President of FederAnziani Senior Italia.

Young woman with Persian cat playing. Outdoors portrait

“The physical activity connected to pets contributes to prevent and hinder metabolic diseases. The presence of pets favours the reduction in hypertension and represents, mainly to elderly people, an effective remedy to loneliness and depression derived from it”.

To prove it, you could just look into your dog’s eyes, and you will certainly feel better. In fact, a study shows that eye contact between dogs and owners increases oxytocin levels, a hormone linked to happiness and love.

Anziano con il suo cane 2

Dogs and cats are the best cure ever, and better if adopted rather than purchased.

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