Boston bans pet shops from selling animals

The city’s move is aimed to crack down on pet shops that sell animals form commercial breeders and promote adoptions from shelters.

Boston’s ban on pet stores and commercial breeders selling pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits is a good example of civility. The ordnance, called “Puppy Bill Mill” and unanimously approved by the city’s administration, aims to tackle the commercialisation of animals, which are often considered a mere source of income, and foster adoptions of the animals living in shelters.


The “Puppy Bill Mill” ordnance will ban pet shops from selling animals since 2017


Boston is not the first US city to forbid pet shops to sell animals, a similar ban has been enacted in more than 120 other cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


“We’re really excited that Boston continues to be a leader in animal protection,” said Kara Holmquist, director of advocacy for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ordnance, which will enter into force in 2017, will allow shopkeepers to work with animal shelters, doghouses and rescue agencies to promote adoptions. This is an ethical and forward-looking choice that will benefit the animals as well as the city.


caged pets
The ordnance adopted in the city of Boston aims to fight against animal trade


Cruel practices are hidden behind the pet trade industry: during their exhausting trip to the animal shop, puppies and kittens coming from breeders, where they’re often kept in inadequate sanitary conditions, are snatched from their mothers too soon and not socialised. The ban will promote adoptions in doghouses and animal shelters, improving the animals’ condition and reducing the city’s and citizens’ management costs.


The ordnance is aimed to promote adoptions from shelters



While looking forward to the adoption of a similar measure in all countries, remember that we can contribute to put an end to this trade choosing to adopt animals that are looking for homes. Because friends are not for sale.

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