Propolis and grapefruit seeds, vitamin C and zinc, the ingredients for a healthy winter

When cold is around the corner, some specific substances like propolis, grapefruit seeds, vitamin C and zinc can help you feel better.

The “queen” of winter is certainly vitamin C, an antioxidant that includes many beneficial properties such as that of immune system booster. Alike many vitamins it has positive effects if consumed with zinc: its activity is in fact supported by this essential trace element, which is also involved in helping the normal functions of the immune system.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), in which citrus fruits are particularly rich, is a water soluble vitamin that is also found in some vegetables including lettuce, radish, spinach, broccoli, and some other fresh vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Zinc is widely found in foods of animal and vegetable origin: in particular in dried fruit (walnuts, sweet almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts).

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By combining vitamin C and zinc with propolis and grapefruit seeds you’ll have the perfect ingredients to fight winter cold. Propolis has always played a crucial role during the winter: it’s a waxy, resinous substance collected by honeybees from tree buds, so, it contains all the functional elements produced of the plant.

It’s used by honeybees to fix and varnish honeycombs; it has hygienic and protective properties because it is rich in resin, wax, essential oils, benzoic acid and cinnamic acid derivatives, and flavonoids. It also contains polyphenols chrysin and pinocembrin  including galangin, that is found in great amounts in high-quality propolis extracts.

For its properties it functions well if it’s used with grapefruit seeds, which are rich in bioflavonoids (naringenin and hesperidin) and have antioxidant properties. You can find these ingredients combined together in effervescent tablets, possibly without salicin and sodium but with potassium bicarbonate.


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