Natural ways to increase fertility

There are plants that boost the chances of getting pregnant. Four vegetable extracts that support couples that are trying to have a baby.

Infertility affects one couple out of five and centres for assisted reproduction suggest hormone therapies to solve this problem. Natural remedies can be used along with these therapies during fertilisation cycles to improve conception rates. But most of all, they can help women who are trying to have a baby spontaneously after they failed to get pregnant with traditional methods.

Peruvian maca


This precious tuber rich in amino acids that boost fertility is native to the Andes and grows at an altitude of 4,000 metres. It enhances folliculogenesis in young women and ovarian reserve as well as libido and ovulation quality in adult women. In men, it improves sperm motility and resistance even in case of in vitro fertilisation. It can be bought in powder or pill formula. If you suffer from thyroid pathologies you should be careful in taking this remedy, even if it’s not known to have side effects.


Pinus pinaster

This excellent remedy against endometriosis is extracted from the bark of the Maritime Pine. Pycnogenol can be used along with oral contraceptives or other treatments for endometriosis but it’s particularly suitable to those women that have completed a therapy for endometriosis and are trying to get pregnant. This phytotherapic remedy prevents endometriosis from relapsing, improves fertility in women and reduces menstrual pain.

Camu Camu


It’s the vegetable containing the highest amount of vitamin C, more than citrus fruits and dog-rose. It’s also rich in riboflavin, niacin, iron and phosphorus. This plant supports fertilisation cycles with inadequate ovulatory response notwithstanding the hormone therapy. It’s excellent if it’s combined with bioidentical hormone DHEA because together they increase the oocyte reserve and have an anti-ageing effect on ovaries.

Dracontium Lorentense

Dracontium ©

This plant that was once used to treat and survive snake bites has extraordinary antioxidant properties. It revitalizes the cells, is high in zinc and vitamins that can increase sperm motility. It’s excellent for stressed, hardworking men who are trying to become parents too late. It’s also suitable for women over 35 who are trying to get pregnant.

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