Pope Francis’ encyclical is a renewable challenge to a static politics

An effective cooperation for the Earth is needed to avoid a climate catastrophe. Here’s how to follow up on Pope Francis’ words.

This encyclical is a praise to Mother Nature. Laudato Si’ recalls the text most loved by environmentalists, animalists and all those who believe in an ecumenical Christianity. The defence of renewable sources, animal dignity, GM-free agriculture, and the condemnation of injustices and dominant powers characterising a technocracy that overlooks needs, consensus and the future represent a real change to the current static status of politics.


It’s no coincidence that the first attack on Pope Francis comes from one of the oil industry’s lobbyists, the umpteenth Bush (Jeff), White House candidate. Another fossilized piece of the past that remains unresponsive to the United Nations’ numerous warnings on climate change.


Pope Francis speaks to all the planet’s citizens, and I am firmly convinced that, as the words of Carlin Petrini – founder of the International Slow Food Movement – in the encyclical’s preface (released by an important Catholic weekly newspaper) demonstrate, a great cooperation in favour of Mother Nature is needed. An alliance made of people driven by goodwill who love the planet and humanity. A cooperation engaging associations, businesses, institutions and media in a common commitment to stop the countless vague declarations and overcome the current stalemate. Effective choices and courage are essential to fighting anti-environmental lobbies.

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