Paula Alves da Silva

Columnist – Connect4Climate

Paula Alves da Silva is a journalist, a proud Portuguese from the North, a sun and sea lover and a passionate traveler. Over time Paula had the chance to experience enriching professional and personal opportunities, in different countries and realities. Presently, at Connect4Climate, working as a journalist and social media coordinator, Paula has the great possibility to deal with one of the major issues the world is facing nowadays, climate change. Paula believes that informed people are not only able to change their world, they can also, and especially, change the world. At Connect4Climate information is treated as gold, because we believe information is key to alter mentalities and actions, in order to build a better future. As Nathaniel Branden said, “The first step towards change is awareness.”

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Is carbon pricing the silver bullet to solve climate change

Is carbon pricing the silver bullet to solve climate change

“This is the issue of our times. Climate change is the biggest issue”. Filmmaker Kaia Rose stresses the importance of discussing this global matter on a Connect4Climate Facebook live Q&A held on the 11th of May, with Eric Mann. They’re both behind the production of Climate Countdown: Price on Carbon, the Film4Climate Global Video Competition short-film winner of the Put