Nanotechnology improves domestic energy efficiency

Thanks to nanotechnology, this acrylic paint can insulate domestic walls and cut consumptions by 30%, improving energy efficiency.

Nanotechnology represents a real innovation, allowing to improve the quality of domestic environment, walls insulation and affordable energy efficiency.


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Such innovation is used in the special wall coatings and the normal wall paints, distributed by Nanosilv, a company specialised in nanotechnologies, which distributes in Italy special wall paints produced by NanoPhos, a Greek company founded by Ioannis Arabatzis. During the years, Nanosilv created smart products to solve problems such as domestic pollution or to find affordable solutions for thermic insulation, thanks to nanotechnologies.


More specifically, they are special coatings containing nanoparticles, working as additive, which are insulating, waterproof and also serve as self-cleaning agents. “Arabatzis produced this special coating made of microspheres under 5 microns.” explain Stefano Silvestrin, Nanosilv CEO. “He applied silicon and titanium dioxides particles to the microspheres. These particles enhance their light reflective capacity. Thus, most of the infrared radiations reaching the wall are mostly reflected.”




Moreover, silicon and titanium dioxides have a photocatalytic effect, which means that they are able to disintegrate pollutant particles, such as nitrogen oxides, along with making the wall waterproof and keeping it transpiring. In order to certify the products, the company ran independent laboratory tests and published their technical results. The coatings comply with UNI EN 1934:2000 norms, certifying that the product saves 30% of energy, spending as much as for high-quality wall coatings.




Today, energy efficiency can also consist in painting your home, as it does not only have an aesthetic function, but it also implies the use of unique materials allowing energy efficiency. Indeed, you only need to paint the exterior walls to improve the energy efficiency classes (in case the equipment has an energy rating corresponding to F or G).

This technology is available today and brings tangible benefits. Cutting domestic consumption dramatically can bring great advantages, both in terms of energy saving and environmental safeguard.


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