The 5 Mobility Revolution indicators

Mobility Revolution Rating Indicators: Environment, Saving, Technological Innovation, Comfort and Serenity while driving, Vehicle Technical Data.

Mobility Revolution Indicator: Environment
Traffic has always been related to environmental and social issues concerning fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Mobility Revolution takes into account the contribution of every car in terms of its ecological impact, paying particular attention to CO2 and NOx emissions, as well as other pollutant agents tackled by European legislation. It provides an assessment of environmental impact generated by actual use of the car, in terms of consumption, CO2 emissions for combined cycle (homologated) and its compliance with Euro 6 norms in terms of pollutant emissions.


Mobility Revolution Indicator: Saving
Possessing and using a car entails some costs, but potential savings can be identifies in different fields. Mobility Revolution highlights and supports all savings related to fuel consumption according to the use of the car and its technical specifications. Consideration is also given to savings in management costs associated with mobility subsidies granted by to eco-friendly vehicles.


Mobility Revolution Indicator: Technological Innovation
Attention towards cars’ evolution, consulting of institutional channels and analysis of current socioeconomic trends drives LifeGate into granting high credits to new technologies, more promising and with higher improvement margins, rather than to established technologies, thus rewarding research and development efforts of the largest car producers. Mobility Revolution allows quality comparison of cars with respect to their technological innovation in terms of driving quality and standard equipment that enables the car’s to connect safely with the outside world.


Mobility Revolution Indicator: Comfort and Serenity whilst Driving
Mobility Revolution studies and combines the different elements of personal wellness and re-presents them clearly. It carries out a comparison of cars with respect to the safety level granted by different devices, driving comfort related to engine type, transmission and electronic systems, because anxiety and annoyance have a negative impact on driving habits, making them more aggressive and costly. All these devices aim to reduce stress and increase serenity whilst driving and contribute to improve driving behaviours.


Mobility Revolution Indicator: The Vehicle
Besides the four main indicators, Mobility Revolution also includes other assessment parameters related to the vehicle’s tecnical specifications: weight, contact patch, power-to-weight ratio, selling price and the car producer’s inclination towards investments supporting sustainability: because every effort to improve cars has a positive impact on everyone and on mobility.



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