Nissan e-NV200 Evalia, the electric car for big families

Similar to Nissan Leaf, here’s the new e-NV200 Evalia, the first electric car with seven seats. Comfortable, silent, minimalist and with a range of 167 km.

Suitable for numerous families as well as for taxi drivers and businesses (the abatement of costs accounts for 41% if compared to the same model powered by a diesel engine), the new Nissan e-NV200 Evalia is the first electric car with seven seats ever seen in the European market.




Don’t think of a traditional car. Evalia is more similar to a combination of a minivan and a van. The model is equipped with two side sliding doors and a huge boot. The inner part isn’t luxurious at all. The vehicle was firstly designed to be roomy and practical. The angle of opening of the doors is wide, the driving position is high, perfect to have a good view of the streets.


Thanks to its cubical shape, the car is very spacious and comfortable for passengers. And don’t mind if at first sight you feel like driving a commercial vehicle (Evalia, indeed is inspired but this kind of vehicles), with uncaptivating materials. Evalia will conquer you with its practicality and comfortability: “a thousand” spaces where to put small objects, three rows of seats and a really huge boot, suitable for a big family’s luggage.




The engine is the same as the Leaf’s, the world’s most sold electric car: 80 kW (109 cv), a silent engine (disturbed only at high speeds) and the ease of not having to change gear (since there is no gearshift). But there’s the B option (Brake) that, when shifted, uses the engine brake to generate electricity. Thanks to its functional steering radius, it is very easy to park.




And what about the performance? It may be negligible for those who purchase a car like this; as usual, electric cars have a lot of pickup but are not so fast (maximum speed about 120 km/h). Another negative aspect for those who chose electric cars is the range. Nissan declared 167 km of range but, depending on the driving style, type of road (orbital roads and uphill streets are penalising), use of some options including air-conditioning and car radio, the range can decrease a lot.




How to charge it? Like most electric cars it can be charged in a regular 220V household outlet during one night, in public charging stations for about 3/4 hours or in a wallbox installed in your garage (from 1,260 euros for 3 kW, in the photo below) fir 4 hours. There’s a useful smartphone app that functions as a charge controller and allows you to turn the air-conditioning on remotely.




The cost. The list price of Nissan e-NV200 is 30,950 euros if you rent the batteries (instalments from 89 euros per month), or 36,850 if you purchase the batteries.

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