Sebastiano Salvetti


Freelance journalist and photographer, I have a degree in law in a drawer somewhere. I’m a four-wheel specialist, both in modern and vintage cars, but my heart beats for mountain sports and cycling. World citizen, I prefer Yosemite National Park to Piazza San Marco. Born in Val Camonica (in the province of Bergamo, Italy), weaned (journalistically speaking) in Milano and Venetian (of Veneto) by adoption, I’m a country boy at heart; in the good and the bad.


Favourite quote:

“I never bring flags on mountains: I never leave anything on peaks, if not my tracks, very briefly, before the wind erases them” (Reinhold Messner)

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Paris to ban old and polluting cars

Paris to ban old and polluting cars

Commercial vehicles produced before 1997 won’t be allowed in the streets of Paris. The measure, which will come into force on 1 July, is intended to reduce air pollution in the French capital.