5 electric cars you could buy now

Today (almost) all car companies produce electric cars. Here are a few models you can have a go at.

Statistics confirm that the European electric vehicle market is booming. These numbers are not comparable to those of other countries’ markets but they are increasing. This means that electric cars are grabbing market shares and winning drivers’ trust.
Here are a few models you can buy today.


Nissan Leaf


The undisputed queen of electric cars. In 2013 it was one of the top sold cars in Europe and North America. What makes it unique is that on a full charge it can go 200 km.


Kia Soul

Kia Soul ECO-electric (110)

The first electric B-SUV is on the market. A stylish, comfortable and easy-to-drive car. To make it even more eco-friendly it is composed of entirely organic materials. With a full charge it runs for over 200 km.


Renault Zoe


Here is another nice discovery. A comfortable, full-optional car. It takes only a few hours to charge it if you have a rapid wall charger.


Citroen C-zero


The city car par excellence. A compact car you can park everywhere, with space for four people. On a full charge it travels little more than 120 km.


Bmw i3


The most futuristic and stylish one, which maintains its BMW soul. A smart vehicle always connected to the internet in order for you to manage information and charge comfortably through a mobile app.

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