The bike helmet that turns you into a Lego figure

The Lego hair bike helmet is the latest Internet craze. For now it’s just a prototype but production on a large scale will probably start soon.

Would you ever imagine you riding a bike and wearing a helmet that makes you look like a Lego figure? Well, now a hair helmet inspired in the figures of the Danish company has been created and has been called Lego bike helmet.

lego hair bike helmet
A 3D-printed hair helmet inspired in Lego figures.

The Lego bike helmet prototype

By now, the Lego hair helmet is just a prototype, a brainchild of Swedish designer Simon Higby and Danish designer Clara Prior – who work for the advertising agency DDB –, and has been created with the help of design company MOEF. The helmet has been made with a 3D printer and is totally based, from colour to size, on Lego figures’ hair.

“I’d buy it!”, “If it made more kids wear helmets then this would be great!” “In blonde please, I’ve always fancied being blonde!” are some of the comments appeared in the social media.

The project may be launched: Lego and Playmobil have been asked to help producing the helmet on a large scale. The hair size, as the site Cnet has shown in a photo, actually, mimics Playmobil hair, a historical Lego competitor in the production of building toys.

Lego bike helmet, suitable for adults and children

The idea has been received with such enthusiasm in the internet that it’s curious that this helmet hasn’t been sold in bulk yet. The design, actually, would encourage adults and children to wear safety bike helmets and transform themselves into one of the figurines of the toy that amuses them all.

The company Ribble Cycles also claimed that if someone wants to make it at scale they will ready to sell it in their online store.

And for those who aren’t content with the hair helmet, there’s also a Lego shopper bag invented by two designers whose handler’s hands are the plastic claws found on Lego figurines.

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