Which country works hardest for climate

No country holds the top three positions in the 2014 edition of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI).

Although for the first time results let us hope that CO2 emissions are decreasing globally, there are no countries holding the top three positions in the 2014 edition of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) jointly released by Germanwatch and the European Climate Change Network (CCN). No country, in fact, is on the right track to keep the average temperature increase below 2°C and prevent the worst effects of climate change.



Better countries according to the index The index was introduced during the UN negotiations on climate taking place in Warsaw, Poland, up to 22nd November. The criteria on which it is based are five: CO2 emitted yearly, emission trend over time, renewable energy, efficiency and climate policies.


The first country, which actually ranked fourth, is Denmark, followed at a considerable distance by the UK, which climbed the chart from the tenth to the fifth position thanks to a 15 percent emission cut in five years. Portugal ranked sixth, gaining a position.


Italy and Germany Italy gains three places in the chart, climbing from the 21st to the 18th position mostly thanks to the support of European climate policies and the strong development of renewable energies. Germany, on the other hand, is not yet included in the top ten because it stood in the way of a few climate policies. Angela Merkel’s government, in fact, opposed to the reform advanced by the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) to defend the industrial field that consumes a lot of energy.


China and the US The two largest emitters worldwide, China and the United States, ranked respectively 46th and 43rd. If the global emission increase slowed down it is thanks to China. As a matter of fact, China committed itself to reduce its dependence on coal, mostly in the infrastructure and transport sector where coal now meets 27 percent of current demand (previously 54 percent).


Australia and Canada These are two countries, among the industrialised ones, that don0t want to hear a thing about actively contributing to tackle climate change. Australia’s ranking, renowned for its dependence on coal has dropped from 51st to 57th place, due to the fact that its government didn’t create an internal emission trading scheme. Canada, on the other hand, is still 58th and it is not expected to commit itself in the future. Canada is followed by Iran, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.

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