Barnraiser, crowdfunding dedicated to sustainable food

In the United States there’s a new platform dedicated to local, organic and sustainable farming, for a cleaner and healthier world.

The huge genetically modified maize fields in the US could be old-fashioned. This is thanks to a crowdfunding experiment, aimed to promote and support small, organic and sustainable farms, and projects – from art to literature – regarding healthy eating.


Barnraiser is a new platform, and its mission “is to put a billion dollars into the hands of food innovators as they reshape a healthy food world” and make sustainability the standard.




The projects sponsored by the platform are varied, but they share the same mission: quality food production. The farming section is dedicated to projects ranging from urban farming to young farmers and organic farms; in the community section you can find initiatives for food justice, community gardens, and co-operative kitchens; the food section is dedicated to projects of artisan production, and local, farm-to-table, healthy foods; the education section includes workshops and educational farms; the media section includes books, television programmes, mobile apps, and art projects dedicated to food.




Platform founders set to 2,000 dollars the minimum amount to start each initiative, even if it’s possible to achieve other amounts.


You can easily share your sustainable idea: you only need to sign up (also through Facebook), and propose your project, and fill in a personal data sheet. You can choose your country of origin, this means you don’t need to be in the United States to start a fundraising.




82% of the projects and start-ups proposed have been successful, with an average of 12,000 dollars raised, according to data by



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