Antiage in the sun

Suntan is OK, but beware of stains and wrinkles. Eyes, décolletage and hands are the most affected body parts: let’s protect them without opting out all sun benefits. And let’s prepare a home-made cream!

The sun brings energy, improves the mood and is beneficial for muscles and bones. But UV rays are harmful and can cause stains and wrinkles in the skin because they alter the structure of collagen fibers and dehydrate the dermis. Salt and chlorine damage the skin’s hydrolipid film that protects naturally the body tissues. In the morning it is necessary to put sunscreen and in the evening you just need to pamper yourself.


Spf 50: it is the ideal sun protection factor for your face, eye contour, back of your hand and neck. You’d better remind to put it always, even when you are walking in the city or when you are in the office beside a window: the sun rays pass through the glass! Most of all it is better to prevent stains, since removing them is really difficult, even for plastic surgeons. The eye contour should be protected with dark sunglasses and a hat with wide brim: in this way you can also limit the wrinkles that are accentuated when you wink.




Diet: vitamins and flavonoids have excellent antioxidant properties. Fortunately, the summer diet is rich in them and beta carotene is abundant in apricots, carrots and peppers. Celery, onions and red berries are great sources of flavonoids. Almonds, nuts and extravirgin olive oil contain vitamin C and vitamin E.




Hydration: black tea, coffee and alcohol are liquids but they don’t keep your skin hydrated. On the contrary, they reduce subcutaneous water. Still water is perfect, green tea is the most suitable in this period of the year and sage or mint tea are refreshing and detoxifying. A glass of rich lemon juice, without added sugar, is an excellent choice: lemons are rich in vitamin C and improve the intestinal PH, to the benefit of the skin.




A healthy herbal cream: beeswax is a good ingredient for a cream. You can find it easily at the herbalist’s shop and its aroma is much appreciated. As an alternative the base can be Karitè butter, which is far more rich and dense. You can simply add a teaspoonful of olive oil and one of coconut oil to the cream (1 teaspoonful every 50 gr of cream) and to improve the anti-age effect it is sufficient to add 10 drops of vitamin E oil.

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