Therapy to treat vaginitis and cystitis

Both women and the men with whom they have had sex must follow this therapy to heal vaginitis and cystitis. Here are the most important aids.

Here are the most important aids to treat vaginitis and cystitis:

Avoid spicy foods, drink a lot of water, don’t wear skinny jeans, use cotton underwear only. Sleep without underwear.


The therapy to treat these kinds of infections aims to make the vaginal environment more acidic and to restore its defenses: take in lactic ferments, mainly if you are following an antibiotic treatment, avoid leavened and sweetened foods.


Go to the gynaecologist. If you suffer from recurrent infections, ask your doctor to take a vaginal swab to understand which microorganism causes it.


But how our grandmothers did?

Women have always dealt with thrush without using antibiotics. If you want, as soon as the first symptoms appear, use grandma’s remedies to make your vagina more acidic: put whole yogurt inside your vagina in the evening and remove it in the morning with a vaginal douching prepared with water and a little white vinegar. If you don’t want to use yogurt, choose an aloe gel for internal use.



If you particularly suffer from redness and itch: calendula or hydrastis vaginal suppository in the evening. In the morning have a vaginal douching with lukewarm water and 30 drops of calendula mother tincture. (Follow this treatment for five nights and 5 days).


Calendula has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and it useful against bacteria and fungi.


If you particularly suffer from itch:


Thyme and sage vaginal suppository 1 in the evening for five consecutive days and then 1 evening per week for 1 month. Consume also thyme and cinnamon essential oils every morning.


If the disorder is recurrent and vaginal suppository don’t work: Malaleuca Alternifolia, a mixture of essential oil and plant oil prepared by the pharmacist for 5 days.


If you suffer from leucorrhea, i.e. abundant and bothering yellowish discharge, take 30 drops of Agnus Castus mother tincture in the morning.



Alder and walnut tree. The first decimal dilution of its glycerine macerate should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast. You can take 20 drops of these two glycerine macerate together.



Pulsatilla: to be used in case of creamy, yellowish and irritating discharge and itch, mostly found in young women with poor menstrual flow and late periods. It is good for pulsatilla women which are usually blond, sympathetic, shy, easily brought to tears and have problems in the flow of blood in the lower limbs.


Sepia: it is effective in case of heavy, yellowish and smelling discharge. It is useful in case of tiredness and constipation. These types of inflammation are often associated to small intestinal activity.


Ignatia: it is suitable for women who suffer from vaginitis or discharge similar to leucorrhea after regrets, arguments or setbacks. They usually have long and heavy periods with dark red flow.


China: white and heavy discharge that don’t cause burning in women who are tired due to a disease or pregnancy or because they suffer from anaemia for a long time.

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